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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Joey's Camping Adventure

I don't usually buy school pictures. I know, I know.. kids growing up and all that, but the packages don't have enough of what you want and too much of what you don't. So we skip it and do our own. However... I got sucked in. Last year Joey's school sent home proofs of this pic. Now, I know I can do all this in photoshop, but dang it was cute.

So we bought it. And now I have a LOT of these pics sitting around. Two fridge magnets, a billion odd sized little things and I just can't bring myself to throw 'em out. I've mailed some to everyone I thought would want 'em.. and still... they are there. Mocking me.

So I grabbed a 5x7 and headed to the dining room. AKA Disaster zone, craft space, Mom's area, Don't TOUCH that - she knows where everything is-room.

Again with the lack of Alpha stamps loomed it's head: I go to the computer. This time I printed directly on the yellow card stock. I like this font.. it looks like stamps, right? *hopeful look*

Anyway... it was at this point that I decided I didn't like my scrapbook with different facing pages. So I made another to go on the other side. Still need to add the photo.

That same year Joey went camping with the Boyscouts. (that's a four letter word in our house - so other than his uniform in the picture there will be NO reference to them in my book!) I'll post the pic of him with his giant backpack on later.

Let's see... the trees were die cut with a machine back when I was in Arizona. The clouds too. There was a store by our house that would let you use their system and dies anytime you liked. The clouds are vellum and were put on with vellum adhesive, but it's showing though. Grrr. The title is printed on Stampin Up Vellum Cardstock and it's much thicker and nicer. I like it a lot better. Also.. no adhesive showing through. Wooohooo.

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  1. I hate it when things mock me...!!

    Great layout :-)


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