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Friday, May 22, 2009

Sheba Layout

My puppy. Isn't she just the cutest? Bob snapped this photo on our first hike with her. She's a natural letterboxer! Noxers came down the trail and she alerted us before we could hear them - much less be seen by them. What a good girl! She's a Border Collie - Newfie mix, if you are wondering, that we got from the Springfield Animal Rescue.

This too is sort of a hybrid project. The title was printed onto plastic and put onto the page like a rub-on. Can you say--- "Tee really needs alphabet stamps?" Very good! I knew you could!

The transfer was a little washed out, so I went around it with my white Sigmo gel pen. Then I stamped the little bones from a set of dollar bin stamps. I had to stamp off with the stamps to get them the same color as the transfer. Pretty close huh? They too got the gel pen treatment to make 'em stand out.

Color came in with the funky ribbon that was in my stash. OH.. that ribbon was a penny. I kid you not. It was in the clearance isle for 50 cents but rang up as a penny. The cashier said I was getting a bargain! LOL No kidding.


  1. A Border/Newfie mix sounds like it might be a lot calmer than the straight up BC that we have. He loves to be on the trails, but can't sit still long enough for us to stamp in.
    Your assignment for today is to carve the letters A-f. :)


  2. I agree with Stacy...carve your own alphabet, my friend! You can do it!

    ~SHH :-)


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