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Saturday, May 23, 2009

It happened in 1950

What happened you ask? Why - Bob did of course! LOL A couple years ago he found this sticker sheet with all the things that happened in the year of his birth. He didn't know what to do with it though, which means it became mine to scrapbook.

OHHH this is my first attempt at fonts with an artist tip on a fountain pen. What do you think?

The picture was snapped while we were out letterboxing and I'm just glad to still have it. He hates to be in front of a camera. So he told me that he'd sorted out all the pictures with him in it and deleted them. ***GASP***

I was prepared to not talk to him for days. Then he comes out with this one printed out for me. That stinker!

On this second page is more of the stickers and space for something else. I just don't know what to put there yet. More pics of the elusive camera man? Embellishments? Pics of him as a kid if I can get his Mom to send me some??? Maybe Pam (his sister) would have a few! *rubbing hands together*

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