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Sunday, July 5, 2009

One Door Closes... and another opens

Well being out of work may turn out to be a good thing. A friend asked me to help her with her blog last week. If you have not met Sharon, she's a vibrant lady and fun person to be around. Now, Sharon has been maintaining her own blog and helping with a couple of other people's too. She is just very busy this month and wanted to convert to a three column layout. At the same time, we decided to do an update to her theme as well.

Here are the things I designed for Sharon:

BannerMenu BarSignature and Divider Bar Combo
Her blog is also sporting a custom background and she'll have a new watermark to match. Check it out! Be sure to leave her a note to let her know what you think of her new look!

Thank you Sharon for this opportunity and for generally just being there!

I'll be offering blog services at very reasonable rates. If you need a custom banner or a total blog setup, I would love to help you out.

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  1. Thanks Tee for the blog lift! Wishing you lots of success in your future venture... you're such a talented lady!


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