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Monday, July 6, 2009

Make it Last

Another shot from Joey's trip. This one featured a near silhouette of Joey with the setting sun sparkling over the water. It's a great shot. Perfect for a scrapbooking title too. So that's just what I did. All of this is digital, but you could do this as a hybrid as well. I'm printing it to use on my page as the title.

I used a grunge mat to rough up the edges and added text that I'd cut from a fiery piece of digital paper. The paper was made just for this shot and was recolored using the hue and saturation adjustments before being put in the background.

If you guys would like information on how to do this type of thing in photoshop or your own photo software, let me know in a comment and I'll post the info or email it to you.

Thanks for hanging out with me today!

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  1. I have CS2, but have never really been able to figure much out. Much less how to do something like this. Awesome job. I would love to learn how to do something like this.
    Silva Foot Family/ Kristina


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