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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Better Days

Katrina affected people who were many many miles from the devastation of the gulf coast. We did a mini photo journal of the storm damage that largely went un-noticed in rural Mississippi.

This is one of those images. I am drawn to architecture where Robert is drawn to nature photography. So our portfolios are drastically different. Yet each shows something that we all understand. Loss. For me, this journey showed the loss of historical buildings that residents hardly even see anymore. Many of the places in my shots were torn down in the cleanup days and they are gone forever.

We did clipping masks in class today. The same as I did on the Make it Last post earlier this week. She showed us a different way of clipping the layers together (CS4 is different than Photoshop 7). There are many ways to accomplish the same thing in Photoshop. Sometimes the way other people do it can save us some time.

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