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Friday, June 11, 2010

Fused Plastic Journal

Ok, have I told you that I hate to throw things away?  Well I do!  We, as a society, get so much stuff!  All that stuff we buy comes in packaging and is nicely put into bags for us.  Packaging and bags are a real problem for the environment --- so here's how I'm repurposing the plastic bags that I (and my friends and neighbors) get while shopping.

This book is made from three shopping bags.  It's completely unique.  Even if I use the same bags again, the finished result will be different!  Isn't that awesome!

Ok, the outer cover is a deep purple with the tan webbing over it. There are copper bands that wrap around the piece.  The tie is also from the fused plastic and secured with a button. The stitching and bookmark are a luscious purple thread.  Yummo!

The inside of the cover is a rich copper and features a flysheet (decorative and protective page) made from a booklet that Teavana dropped into the bag. Nothing wasted!

The pages are hand torn and they lay flat so it's really easy to write, sketch or stamp in this type of book! 

Size - 7 x 5 inches and is 1.18 inches thick
Paper - 240 pages (both sides) of 24 lb recycled writing paper

Recommended Uses
  • Writing - Yes
  • Sketch - Yes
  • Washes- light
  • Stamping -Yes
This journal is available at Whistlin Dixie - Dillsboro, NC.  

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    1. Very pretty! My girls will be intrigued. They were very interested in the gum wrapper purses we saw in a gift shop.



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