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Friday, June 11, 2010

A puffin shall lead them - Hiking Stick

Hiking Staff in this case, it's 6' 4" tall. This is an example of what some of our hiking sticks are like.  Bob made this one for me in 2001.  He finished the cleaning and smoothing stage and went to work.  I loved holding it and kept looking at it.  The little stem that he's left near the top just looked like a bird to me --- so I grabbed my wood burning stuff and started to play.  An hour or so later, I had this design and was attaching fibers and tassels.  What?  You don't have tassels on your hiking staff? huh?  Really?

There have been several feathers, shells and bits attached to the fibers over the years.  This staff never, ever, fails to get comments when we are out on the trail --- so it was the start of Bob and I doing hiking sticks.

All coloration of the beak is natural!  When I finished the thing, I was worried about Bob being upset that I'd taken over his project.  Silly me: he wasn't!

Bob is working on getting some finished to sell.  Stay tuned!

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