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Monday, May 24, 2010

Play Date!

I went over to my good friend Sharon's house the other day for some play time.  You never know when you go over there what you'll be doing, but you can be assured that it's going to be FUN!

Sharon had a plan though!  She wanted to try out mixed media canvas art.  Cool.  I'm up for anything!  So she got to digging into her stash of left over bits and pieces, buttons, fibers and stuff.  We worked together and the energy was high, High, HIGH!  

Here's the resulting panel!  Now I want to do some with more acrylic paints and get my hands on more texture mediums.

We started with some text stamps and then a piece of DSP.  I used gesso to seal it down to the canvas and then faded out one edge of the paper with more gesso.  Don't you love how it mutes out the patterned paper?  It's easy to do and you are absolutely guaranteed that every one will be unique.

Sharon's studio is jam packed with stamps, fibers, papers and art supplies of all sorts. Oh and did I mention that she holds classes??  She's going to be playing more with this idea and then scheduling classes for Mixed Media Canvas Art.  Don't miss out!

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