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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Free Bowling! Morgan and Joey are going to LOVE this!

You have to all check this out!!!! What a DEAL!!!!
Feel free to pass on to your friends too.

My Family Is Registered For Kids Bowl Free...Why Don't You Join Us?
Kids Bowl Free allows your family to bowl 2 Games FREE everyday all
summer. Plus, there is a family pass option where parents,
grandparents, older children that don't qualify for the Kids Bowl Free
passes and babysitters can join in the fun and get the same great 2
FREE Game offer every day.

Visit for all the details.

Plus, when you register please enter my email address
so that our family gets a chance to win an all expense paid trip
to Disney World.  I would recommend copy and pasting it rather than
just retyping it.  Any emails entered incorrect at the time of
registration will not be added to my total and I really want to win!

As soon as you register you'll receive an email to confirm your email
address and also receive information on how you can let other families
know about Kids Bowl Free...and have a chance to win the Disney Trip




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