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Monday, January 11, 2010

Mural Project Finished

We had a final day of painting out at Melissa's house.  The mural is finished and wouldn't you know it... I forgot my camera.  I snapped these with my phone so I'd have something to show you.

There are five lady bugs hidden in the foliage and several butterflies that are a little easier to find.  Eva asked how I was making the small yellow flowers on the left side and didn't really believe me when I told her. So when I did the blue flowers, I showed her how you load the brush with lots of paint and color to create the flower petals.

Melissa and her family are simply delightful!  Her baby was born in December and I got to meet her on this last trip out.  A beautiful, healthy girl!  I'm ever so grateful to all of them for letting me splash, sponge, finger paint, dab, smoosh, roll and brush paint on their walls.

Melissa said she'd take photo's and email them to me... or I'll take better shots when I go back out to do her older daughter's room.  That one is going to be a LOT of fun, but I'm only going to give you one hint on the subject:  Think baby sea turtles!


  1. Awww you are just too sweet! I don't know about amazing but I did have fun!

  2. OMG.. I have followed this mural throughout it's creation. I knew it would be fabulously creative, but NEVER did I imagine how realistic and colorful it would be. WOW... so beautiful! Gina said at the meeting it was beautiful too.. she told everyone how fabulous it was.. of course, I knew it was fabulous, but had not seen the finished photos.. it's more than FAB it is ART!!

  3. OMG! is right and yes you are AMAZING! LOVE it! I am speachless I followed the link from Sharon Fields blog! Thanks for sharing your Beautiful ART!!!

  4. I follow Created by U and she was braggin about your art. Rightly so! How stunning! Glad I hopped over to see your stuff! - Mary R.

  5. How totally amazing work you did on this mural! Your brush work is truly fabulous & your colors are so bright! Nothing is muddied & your shading is wonderful! I wish I lived near you!


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