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Friday, January 22, 2010

"Yellow Rose" Practice piece

"Yellow Rose"
Acrylic on paper
10 x 12 inches

First attempt at doing the flowers (besides the mural).  Bob walked up and pointed out three mistakes right off the bat.  *chuckle*  Yeah... I'd already seen them, but thanks hon.  It's on one of my "practice boards".  A nice thing to call a piece of corrugated cardboard.  It gives me a way to practice strokes and paintings without using my HDF or canvas.  Once I'd primed it with several coats of gesso, it works fine though.

I'll keep this painting for a while then gesso over it and use the board again.  Of course my kids freak out every time I talk about painting over my practice boards. 

It's not for sale because it would only last five or six years.. and well.. there are the errors and all. *wink*  Still I love the colors so I'll be doing this one again.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Well, if there are mistakes, I can't see them! Beautiful!

  2. Always nice to have someone around to point out mistakes, isn't it? *groan*

    Good thing you're not counting on me to do that! I just don't see them.

    Thanks for sharing . . . I enjoy looking.

  3. what kind of mistakes? Like you can't spell shadow correctly? Point them out to us silly non artistic peeps. How does Bob know? Just kidding on the Bob part, Bob.

  4. LOL You guys are so funny. Let's see, the brush had too much paint on it so there are a couple of places where it didn't blend like it should have.

    Oh and I didn't think to put the leaves in first so they don't look as natural as they should.

    No matter, I still have it hanging in my dining room.

    Love you guys,


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