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Saturday, January 16, 2010

"African Gray" Painting

"African Gray"
Acrylic on Canvas
5 x 7 inches

This is the third and final bird that I did in 1988.  (It was November and a lot of things changed shortly after that)  This guy just looks ready to step off onto my hand.

Don't let the small size fool you... this painting will draw people from across a room!  I've seen it happen.

Thanks for looking!


  1. I remember this one. I don't quite understand, but a scan or a picture of the things you've painted just... don't do them justice. Maybe it's just me. Then again, maybe it's the size of it. Because it's such a small painting it's just so much harder to overlook the fine details of the feathers when you actually see it.

  2. Maybe there's something textural that a photo or print just can't capture. Joey was saying that a print isn't the same. He hopes this one stays home so he can have it one day.

    I'm having him do an alien landscape today. It's good therapy for him to do things off color and without a real world reference.

  3. Tee...
    I have a Congo African Gray and this is a wonderful painting ! Max has been with me for MANY MANY years like 20+.

    Miss ya



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