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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"Sun Conure" Painting

"Sun Conure"
Acrylic on Canvas
9 x 12 inches

My first attempt at painting birds.  I loved his eye so much that I went on to paint three more that day.  Here's a close up of the eye so you can see it.  Now, I'm sure this type of bird has a name besides "rainbow parrot" but I don't know what it is!  LOL

Update:   My very good friend tells me this is a Sun Conure, which is a smaller parrot with a great personality!  Thanks for the info dear!

This is from a photo in an issue of Bird Talk magazine.  He had such bright colors that I just had to see if I could paint him.  They had him on a perch in a store, but through the magic of painting we were able to change that setting. Plus I wanted to do a black background like my Sister does on some of her paintings.


Thanks for looking!


  1. Tee,
    Beautiful! It looks like a Sun Conure, a smaller parrot with fantastic personality.


  2. I love birds and used to own a conure myself; I can attest to their incredible personalities!

    This painting is beautiful...just beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing it with us :-)

  3. J'adore cet oiseaux, plus vrai que nature!!
    Quel talent!!!



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