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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mural Update - Work in Progress

We made it out for another painting day and got more detail on the fence and a start on the flora for the front of the scene.  I'm thinking one more trip out and it'll be finished.

I snapped a few that were closer.  These images should be used to help me plan what I'll do next time.. but I don't paint that way.  I don't plan every detail and placement out.  Even if I did, it would change as the image developed.  So... flowers are next.  Bring on the color explosion~ 

Anyway... here are the two sides in better detail.

The baby has come!  I don't know any more than she was born on the 22nd.  Congrats to the whole family.  I'll have more details on the next and final update on this mural project. 

Then I'll be looking to start another.... anybody else need something painted?? *wink*


  1. Tee, your mural is fantastic! I can hardly wait to see the final product! Hope you're having fun! Thanks for sharing even more of your talents. Donna Ellis


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