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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mural Project - Work In Progress

A friend of mine called and asked me where she could get her daughter some stencils for a picket fence. She wanted to paint one on the wall in her nursery.  Well the conversation continued and I volunteered to do a mural for them instead of stencils.

She lives an hour and a half away so we have short painting windows of a 2 to 4 hours per painting day.  That includes set up and clean up.  I'm not complaining... no way.  I'm loving doing this project... just wanted to explain why we are only this far on painting day 4.  We have two to three more days of painting to go.

I'll have pics of each painting day when it's finished - but I brought my camera this time and snapped a few shots of the work in progress and wanted to share them today.

Scrubby grass and weeds were added to the field and the fence was blocked in,.  Shading and texture on the fence, crossbars and the gate come on the next painting day.  As well as the wild flowers in the field

Here's a closeup of the tree.  I love painting trees.  The rope will have a tire swing at the end of it.  this may or may not have more detail added.  It all depends on how it fits with the flowers and bushes in front of and climbing over the fence.

Hope she likes it!


  1. That's incredible, Tee! My youngest has a picket fence and a mess of flowers on her wall, but yours is way better!


  2. Gorgeous, Tee cannot wait to see the finished product!!

  3. Thanks Guys! It's been a challenge to see if I could do it again.. and fun! I look forward to each day to see what comes of it. I usually have a plan for the day but that isn't always what happens on that day.


  4. Oh, Tee! This is fantastic! I'll be waiting to see the rest of the photos.mookedai

  5. Nice Work, Tee! You are incredibly talented. Where are you painting? It would be great if it were in my neck of the woods.

  6. I can't wait to see the finished product, well artastic painting! I just made that word up--art-tastic!
    I know a reallty talented person!! woo hooo!!!


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