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Monday, October 19, 2009

Joanne's Boo

Joanne started out as a blog design customer and turned into one of my good friends.  She's funny and off the wall and just the type of person you love talking (or emailing) with.  I knew she was turning into a good friend when I realized I was doodling while talking to her.  Do you do this?  Do you doodle when you are on the phone?  Well I do ... but only when I'm on the phone with people I enjoy talking to.  See, it's sort of like I just let go with people I like.  That's when the doodles come.. at least the one's that are weird and wild and cool. 

So.. here's today's doodle..  Why a sea monster eating a spider?  I don't know. These things just happen...

The content of the doodle is in no way a reflection on the person with whom I was speaking.

What?  Oh the title... well I did start this post with something in mind and got sidetracked.  Ok, well Joanne, my friend that I mentioned before... she sent me a card.  It's a very cool card and I wanted to share it with you.  (BTW I have several other cards that came in the mail TODAY!!! for my birthday and I'll be sharing these too.  Such talented people out there!)

So before you stone me... here's Joanne's card.

Isn't it so cool... and the tiny tag says "Friend".  Awwww oh and did you see all the needle piercing?  Whew.  Then, I opened it up and BOOM!

Nope, this is NOT another card.  It's the INSIDE of the card.  Whoa!  Yeah!  Sweet!  The black CS is a pocket that could hold a gift card or something.. but look at this detail.  Textured card stock, two nestabilities, ribbons, eyelets, ticket corner punches, another wild die cut border, embossing and needle piercing.  And that is on the INSIDE of the card.  Whew.

Did you notice the watermark on the images?  Yeah.. it's hers.  I just finished making it so I could post her card.  How cool is that??

Ok, now I have to rethink my cards.  They are ok on the outside but for the most part I woefully neglect the inside.


  1. Monday was your birthday? I wish I would have known. I'll put it on my calendar, my friend. ;-) Some things I simply do not entrust to my brain!

    About doodling . . . I think we have opposite experiences with that.
    I usually doodle when I am on the phone, but last year I found myself NOT doodling while on the phone with a particular friend, and I realized that I had never doodled when speaking with her. I think I was too absorbed in the conversations to do anything else.;-)

  2. great mail! love the inside of card too

  3. I would love to know how you made the watermark.

  4. Mama Cache - I sent this to you in email but will answer here too - my Birthday was the 24th but my mail was stuck at the post office.. not sure why.

    How funny about your doodling... I also remember you saying your doodles weren't worth carving into stamps... but I'd love to see 'em anyway!

  5. Diana - the watermark was made in Photoshop, where I created the graphic and turned it into a transparency. It's part of her package for her blog. You can see all the things she got for her blog on my design site - or

    If a different blog is featured on the home page, click on Portfolio and scroll down to find Cardology Etc.

    She'll be able to use the watermark this way (transparent) or in any color she chooses. I exported it as a brush that many photo editing programs can use. In addition, I give my customers the .png (transparent background) file in several colors so they can use it that way too.

  6. Wow, Joanne is very talented! I'm sure the two of you have a great time chatting :) I cannot imagine you getting along with an 'off the wall' personality.. just kidding!!! I used to doodle when I was doing software support at work... while listening to all the bugs and issues... now I just can't seem to find the time. I hope you weren't talking with me when you drew that monster! Hugs!

  7. Tee, now i am a follower on both of your blogs. must have been a Google hiccup.


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