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Friday, September 18, 2009

Pocket Card - Use Your Scraps

A pocket card is a lot of fun. It's more like a postcard but you make a pocket for it. It's just like the sleeve or pocket that I made for Morgan's one of a kind ATC/LTC. In this case, it's quite a bit larger than the obligatory 2.5 x 3 inches of an ATC. For a card sized project, you seal and envelope and then trim an end to open it.

Mine? All scraps... again. LOL Even the envelope. It was even crimped like this and tossed in the box. So I pulled other decorative paper, card stock, rub ons and stickers from the boxes and this just sort of happened.

When you pull the card out it looks like this:

Go ahead. Say it. Say it out loud!! "Will she ever finish using those scraps?" LOL


  1. I love the scrap thingy that you are doing. It's just so GREEN. We, the readers/lurkers wouldn't even know they were from a scrap stash.

  2. Thanks! That's the idea --- scraps can be used to make some wicked cool stuff.

  3. I have challenged myself to trying not to purchase anything for new projects - just using what I have on hand (which is quite a bit! lol!)

    Never tire of seeing how others use up their scraps, my friend! :-)

  4. Hey Tee, great idea!! I have so many scraps.. I probably wouldn't need to buy for a very long time if I made myself use scraps only! You planted the seed... now I just gotta do it!!


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