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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Morgan's Mini Book

Morgan has discovered the art of writing. Reading is coming along, but she prefers to write a story. So I make her special little books to record her thoughts and feelings. She fills 'em with short stories sometimes and that's just fine with us.

Would you guys like to read one of her short stories? I could post one for you.

Anyway, this little book is embellished on the outside and a bit of color and stamping on the inside cover as well. I gave it to her on Sunday and instead of writing in it, she asked if she could give it to her teacher as a gift. So sweet! So she packed it up and gave it to Ms Cassell on Tuesday.

Hope she likes it!


  1. Send on the stories. This book is so cute and how generous for Morgan to give it to her teacher!!
    Guess you could always make another.TFS

  2. Absolutely post! That would be such a treat.
    [By the way . . . I am missin' you in our usual haunts, girl.]


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