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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Simply Fabulous - Use Your Scraps

I love the little flower brads and the combination of the ticket corner punch and then rounding the corners on the mat. I'm not a real flower kind of girl. No really. *huff* You can stop laughing now.

Ok, a boy brought me flowers the summer when I was 17. The poor guy thought it was going to win me over and I'd finally say yes to going out with him. Cut flowers are dead, useless and therefore a waste of money. I told him so while I was rubbing down my iron gray mare's flanks. He learned though because he came back the next week with a new red halter. We had a great time on our date and he was a sweet guy.

Definately not a flower kind of girl. However, some of the people I give cards to... are.
*smile* So this is for one of them. The point here is that you can still design with your style, but take your audience into consideration. It's no different than taking the time to purchase a card that is right for the person or occasion.

Think about it, get your scraps out and play!

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  1. Greaat card! Am still lovin' the scraps. Nothing says lovin' like something staight from the ole scrap pile.


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