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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ancient Beast

From the depths of time this beast arises. Archeologist stunned the world today when they emerged from a temple in the deepest jungles of South America with this ancient document. The fragile skin depicts a creature that resembles the Cthulhu of Lovecraft's fiction.

Could he have found this place in his travels? Could he have seen the reliefs carved into the temple walls? See this crumbling document and decide for yourself!


There will be a limited number available to trade outside of KT's swap. Joey carved this stamp and made the impressions on white card stock. Mom took over there. Now you know what happens when you let someone else play with your precious stamped images! Bwahhhhahahahahahahaha

Ok, how'd this happen?  Joey stamped the image in black on white card stock.  I tore and scraped the edges to rough them up.  Then I inked the entire surface in a medium brown ink.  Next I waded the paper up a couple of times and opened it without smoothing.  The edges and raised surfaces were inked with coffee brown.  Finally walnut ink was used at the edges.  I used foam dots to raise the "parchment" off the background paper.

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