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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Summer Time - Clearwater FL

Joey's page. He picked everything and the layout himself. Sweet!

The photo was in '99 at Clearwater Florida. Amazing beaches. That green water behind me is not a photoshop thing. That's what it really looked like!

Not sure about sharing this - but nobody else knows and if something happened to me, Joey would never know the other significance of this photo. A copy of it went into my Mother's casket. She never got to see Joey on the beach in the bathing suit she bought for him.


  1. Good job, Joey!

    (And, Tee, my crew would understand about the pic all too well.)

  2. What a sweet layout; I love the background paper! And, thanks for sharing such a special pic :-)

  3. That's lovely, that you put a copy of it in with her. Really touching. I'm all for placing personal, meaningful stuff into the casket with a loved one. It makes a connection, if you know what i mean, and something else to focus on when you remember the funeral and all that.


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