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Monday, August 25, 2008

Let's All Skate

The roller skate stamp came out just as I wanted it to. But the beauty of LTCs or ATCs is that you can do more than just let someone get an impression of your stamp. I was asked how I did the shading and rather than send that person a text email, I scanned some pics and decided to put the steps here.

The stamped image looked fine to Morgan, but I had a vision and wanted more. So I grabbed my marvey markers, a black glaze gel pen and my pink glitter pen.

First you need to block in the shading with the lightest gray.

Next you can define the shadow with a darker gray. There's quite a jump in color here, and it looks a bit odd now, but once it's all finished this jump makes sense.

Then you can add color to the wheels and laces. They seem shaded because I used the pink over the lines from the stamp. The last thing to do is to use black on the base of the boot and the glitter on the pom poms.
(what girl skated in the 80's without 'em?)

This card was created for the Child of the 80's Swap on Atlas Quest. I had seen a great disco background paper at the local scrapbooking store, but when I got back over there it was gone. This paper was made with custom brushes in Photoshop.

All the shading comes together to add depth to the stamp.

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  1. I had pom-poms just like that on my skates! Hot pink and apple green - yummy! They went with my green stoppers, lol!

    Great card! :-)


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