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Friday, April 24, 2009

Have you read a good book lately?

After Twilight and took over my life and then my own story needed to be told - well - I thought I might be ruined for reading again. I tried. Really I did - but just couldn't sit still long enough to get involved in another book. Well I finally did and it was a good one.

The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters. Finished it today at lunch in fact. After getting into it, I liked it a lot. Now I find there is an online adventure to go with the books. It's text based!!!!

If you can't feel that excitement then you were probably not around for some of the first text based MUDs that were all the rage in the very late 80's and early 90's. Video games were not always video - boys and girls!


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  1. Back at you Tee!! Thanks for leaving so many sweet comments on my blog.. I'm awarding you the lemonade stand award for great attitude and gratitude. Collect it tomorrow on my blog :-) Sharon


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