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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Nine year old. Wow. Seems like just yesterday that she was a preemie infant sleeping in an open drawer beside my bed. Then seconds later, she was three and we were rushing to get in the car to get to the zoo for her birthday party. Her dad was telling all the kids (we had five at home at the time) to go go go. She put her little foot down, popped her hands on her hips and shook her finger at him saying, "Now you wait a minute!" LOL THAT was the day that my Morgan showed herself! Six years since then and they seem to have floated away like the little bubbles on this simple page.

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  1. Oh, yes... the years do pass quickly. Guess she's a bit of her mothers' daughter isn't she?
    My daughter's first word was "Nnnnnnnoooooo!" she had to wind it up to get it out! Strong willed perhaps?


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