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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Still Waters

Still Water was made for the 3-D swap. This is another that came to mind, fully formed. When you pull it from the sleeve, the acetate surface of this tiny koi pond should pop up on it's own, but you may have to give it a nudge.

I carved the stamp a month or two ago just for fun, but wanted to make an LTC with it eventually. So I'm glad that I'm finally getting to do that.

Hope you like it... it's going to be a very limited edition beyond the swap.  These take about an hour of acutal working time to make each one.  I've been working assembly line style as my energy permits, or it would take even longer to complete.  At first I was punching the circles and flipping that over and reassembling the card with bands of paper across the back.  That took so long that I abandoned the idea and punched the circles out of another piece of the 2-sided card stock.


  1. Whoa! So cool! Wish we hadn't just traded and I actually had some cards you don't have already to trade! Hope everyone who gets them enjoys them! =D


  2. That is very cool!!! I feel like such an amature, but I now know what to aspire too!!

  3. YOu are a ture artist... you do wonderful work..great blog...thanks for visiting mine!!and for your comments...they means so much from such an artist as you.


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