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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Shado's Hoard

September 19 is the International Talk Like a Pirate day~  Woohoo!...ah.. Garrrr!  

Someone on AQ asked if anyone wanted to trade pirate related cards.  Shiver me timbers!  I was empty handed.  What to do?  What to say?


"Wait!" Tee says, holding up a finger and raising her eyebrows inquiringly at you. She turns and runs to the back room. You can hear stuff being moved around, and stuff falling. "Ouch! Stupid hook!" Then suddenly a loud grunt as she reappears with a pirate chest. She drags it into the room and looks at the lock hopelessly and sighs, scratching her chin. Suddenly she brightens, reaches under the table and gets a hammer. She smashes the lock and opens the barnacle encrusted chest with an eerie creak.

Tee bends to the task and soon stuff is flying out of the chest all over the room.. "no, not a boot" "No, not a ship." You narrowly escape a flying dagger as the rummaging continues until she yells triumphantly! "Arrrr! Ye Ready Fer Adventure?"

She stands in front of you, dusty from her pillaging with a gleeful glint to her eye. Clutched in her hand is a crusty old bag, bulging at the seams. What could be in there? Gold? Jewels? What pirate loot has she been hoarding?


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  1. Love the post... :)
    can't wait for more cards from Tee


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