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Thursday, September 2, 2010

This 8x8 page was made for the Digi Scrapping Challenge Masking 102 .  I used elements from the Natural Breeze kit.

Laura has a great tutorial available at the link above, but I do this a bit differently.  Here's a little how to on doing this break out.

Bring photo into photoshop

Drag in and size a frame (can also do a stroked selection)

Click photo layer and use lasso tool to do a rough selection the part of the image that will be the break out. Be sure to include the image inside the frame.

Copy selection to a new layer and name it Break Out

Hide the photo layer

Remove background from the break out layer (selection tools, eraser, masking - whatever you are comfortable with)

Unhide photo layer

Click on the frame layer

Use magic wand selector and click outside the frame

Expand selection (Select/Modify/Expand) if needed so that it is at the edge is right at or just inside the outer edge of the frame.

Click the photo layer and press delete

 Move the break out layer above the frame

Create a new layer under the break out layer and name it Shadow

Use a soft brush to paint in a shadow behind the breakout.

Finish with digital papers and embellishments

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